Bookstores, Publishers and Book Distributors Are Not Interested in Your Book!

Bookstores, Publishers and Book Distributors Don’t Care About You or Your Book!

Did I get your attention with the headline? I hope so!

It’s sad to say but bookstores, publishers, book distributors and other equally disinterested individuals do not care about you or your book.

What they care about are the customers who want your book!

Many authors believe if they can get a publisher or a distributor interested in their book it will begin flying off the shelf. Sadly you have it wrong. The publisher, book distributor and the bookstore will not spend their time promoting your book. To them it is your job to promote your book and create the demand. If you can’t or won’t do that then they have no interest; they just want to sell.

It’s Up to You to Create Your Customers and Therefore Demand

Once you have written your book; you must create your own audience or customers! You must do your own promotion! You must generate interest in your book. You must get people to want to purchase your book. To do this you must create a following. You must create disciples for you and your book; people who will talk about your book and get other people interested.

Promoting Your Book

Promoting your book has never been easier. With the many opportunities using social media and email the opportunities are there, but you cannot be faint of heart. You need to be your own best advocate because if you are not sold on your book and willing to sell others on your book; you have an impossible task in front of you.

No One Is More Interested in the Success of Your Book than You!

You must face the truth you are the one person with the greatest interest in your book. Sure there are others behind the scene who want you to succeed but their enthusiasm must never out weigh your enthusiasm. You must be your number one advocate.

Thank you for reading my first post on this blog. I will be posting regularly with marketing and promotional ideas to help you succeed with your book.

Tom Staskiewicz

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