Publishers, distributors, agents and bookstores
do not care about you or your book!

They Care About Their Customers
and What Their Customers Want!

Welcome to my author’s blog where I discuss and share tips and ideas on marketing and promotional activities for authors.

Why Publishers, Distributors, Agents and BookstoresWill Not Help You Promote Your Book


The main point I make through these articles is publishers, distributors, literary agents and bookstores not only will not, but can not, put the time and effort into marketing and promoting your book. Look at the number of books they represent; how can they possibly give the necessary effort to all of these books. Next realizing this how do they select the books where they will put the marketing and promotional efforts?


Publishers, Book Distributors, et al Select Books with the Best Potential and Customer Appeal


Their criteria will become selecting those books they believe have the best potential and appeal to their customers: authors like Gresham, King, Clancy, Steel, Robbins, Rowling, et al. Why would they spend time and resources on other little or unknown authors.

If that’s the reality; then it is up to you to promote your book! Watch, read and listen as I provide ideas and


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