The Four Components to Creating Demand for Your Book

Authors Must Create the Demand for Their Book

AIDA is the strategy successful authors follow to create demand

To have a successful book the author must first create an awareness for the book; second the author must generate an interest in the book; third the author must create a demand for the book and fourth the author must enable the purchaser to take action and purchase the book.

Take a close look at the image above. As you can see it’s a funnel and it represents the AIDA process because you must build a large audience of awareness, however that doesn’t mean all will be interested as we see the funnel narrows meaning interest isn’t there for the many. From interest to desire we lose even more of our audience; even though they were aware and had interest something prevented these individuals from moving to the level of desire and we see the funnel again narrows as we squeeze out the few who are ready to buy.

Watch for upcoming posts on each component of AIDA.